Screen captures

NOTE (2022-09-10): To be updated for Quick Clipboard Editor shortly.

As of Beta release v0.1 (2022-02-06)

Editor window

Editor in read-only state with the current content of the Clipboard. Click Edit Clipboard to edit the content of the clipboard, then Save Clipboard to keep your changes in the Clipboard or click Cancel to restore its original content.
When editing the Clipboard, use the Edit menu to change case, find and replace, select a substring or make other changes to the content of the Editor.
Change the capitalization of the whole Clipboard content or only of the selected text.
Find and replace text in the Editor.

Rules manager window

Available rules on the left can be executed each time text is copied to the Clipboard. Click the + (Add) button to add a rule.
Select the type of rule to add.
Enter the properties of the rule you create. With the Execute rule on each line checked, the change will be applied to each line of the Clipboard individually.
When more than one rule are selected, they are executed on the content of the Clipboard in the order they appear in the Active rules list. You can change the order using your mouse to drag-and-drop items in the list.