Quick Clipboard Editor – Application Description

PublisherJean Lalonde
First NameJean
Last NameLalonde
Program NameQuick Clipboard Editor
Program Version1.2
Release Date2023-09-15
Program Cost0
License TypeFreeware
LicenseApache License, Version 2.0
Target PlatformWindows
RequirementsRequires Windows 7 or more recent. Quick Clipboard Editor is compatible with other Clipboard history
CategorySystem Utilities::Clipboard Tools
File size (KB)3735
45 charsEdit Clipboard text in just a few clicks
80 charsEdit the text in your Clipboard in just a few clicks with plenty of tools
128 charsEdit and paste the text in your Clipboard in just a few clicks with plenty of tools: insert, delete, filter, sort, etc.
250 charsText editor connected to the Clipboard. Retrieve from the Clipboard history. Find and replace. Insert or delete text on each line. Filter lines or characters. Sort lines. Change case. Convert text for various coding needs. Saved frequent commands.
450 charsFree Windows text editor connected to the Clipboard allowing to make quick edits and save your changes
directly to the Clipboard. Retrieve clips from the Clipboard history, find and replace, insert or delete text on each line, filter lines or characters, sort, change case of text or portion of text, convert text for various coding needs (HTML, XML, PHP, AHK, etc.), save frequent commands. Compatible with other Clipboard history tools.
2000 charsQuick Clipboard Editor (QCE) is a FREE Windows editor. It gives you direct access to the Clipboard’s text allowing to quickly make the changes you need before pasting it to your target application:

– do quick touch-ups to the text;
– retrieve clips from the Clipboard history;
– find and replace;
– insert new content on each line;
– trim unwanted sections of lines;
– keep or delete lines or characters based on various criteria;
– sort by all sort of criteria;
– change case of text or portion of text;
– convert text for various coding needs (HTML, XML, PHP, AHK, binary Base64, etc.);
– open and save text in the editor from/to file with various encoding and end-of-line formats;
– backup/restore Clipboard binary content to disk;
– retrieve saved commands for frequent tasks.

QCE is an directly connected to your Clipboard allowing to open it, do changes and send the edited text directly to your target application, all this in only a few clicks! QCE is compatible with other Clipboard history tools. The QCE editor can be in one of these three modes:

– when the content of the editor is identical to the current content of the Clipboard, the editor is “SYNCED” and any change in the Clipboard as you copy or cut text from any application (outside of QCE) is immediately reflected in the QCE editor;
– when you retrieve previous clips from the Clipboard history, the editor stays in “HISTORY” mode as long as you navigate in the history clips without editing the content;
– as soon as the content of the editor differs from the Clipboard or from the last retrieved
History clip, QCE changes to “EDITING” mode and works as any editor allowing to add pieces of text using the Edit menu commands Copy (Ctrl + C), Cut (Ctrl + X) and Paste (Ctrl + V) as you would do with any other editor.
Keywordsclipboard, editor, text editor, history, find, replace, change case, sort, filter lines, filter characters, convert text, saved commands, text, windows, freeware
Application URLhttps://clipboard.quickaccesspopup.com/
Download Page URLhttps://clipboard.quickaccesspopup.com/download-quick-clipboard-editor/
Download Setup URLLhttps://clipboard.quickaccesspopup.com/download/quickclipboardeditor-setup.exe
Download Portable URLURLhttps://clipboard.quickaccesspopup.com/download/quickclipboardeditor.zip
Screenshot URLhttps://clipboard.quickaccesspopup.com/img/quick_clipboard_editor-1_2.png
Icon URLhttps://clipboard.quickaccesspopup.com/img/quickclipboardeditor-32.png
Application XML File URLe URLhttp://repository.appvisor.com/info/app-e10036cff90f/Quick_Clipboard_Editor_pad.xml
Video Linkhttps://youtu.be/kTcBYLLjvT4