Leverage your Clipboard History with Quick Paste

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The most efficient way to paste clips from your Clipboard history into any application is using the Quick Paste window.

Hold the Ctrl key down and press the ` (tick) key the number if times required to select the clip you want to paste. Then, release the Ctrl key and the clip is inserted directly into your application.

Tips and tricks

  • To paste the clip as text only, hold the Ctrl and Shift keys together before hitting the ` (tick) key.
  • To rapidly paste the current content of the clipboard as Text Only, simply hit and release Ctrl + Shift + ` (tick) and voilà! The clip is inserted in your document without its formatting.
  • The Quick Paste hotkeys can be configured in the Options dialog box under the Hotkeys section. The Ctrl key cannot be changed but you can configure any other key(s) to replace the tick key.
  • Finally, to search the Quick Paste list: before releasing the Ctrl key, press the Alt or Win key. This will leave the Quick Paste window open. Then, use the search box at the top of the window to filter the list. Select a clip and click the Paste or Paste text button to insert the clip in your application.