Change log

Release notes are presented in reverse chronological order. Beta versions release notes are in the beta versions change log.

Version 1.3.1 (2023-11-16)
- fix bug executing "Find" and "Find and replace" commands from a Saved command
- fix bug retrieving the "Replace All" option from a Saved command
- fix bug assigning a hotkey to a Saved command

Version 1.3 (2023-11-15)
Reformat paragraphs
- implement the Edit command "Reformat paragraph"
- add the "Reformat paragraph" item under the "Edit" menu and assign it the Ctrl+R shortcut
- reformat options
  - reformat text to one merged paragraph on one long line (no line breaks) or with lines of a maximum width
  - reformat text keeping detected paragraphs breaks with lines of a maximum width (a paragraph break consists of two line breaks)
  - align lines left, right, centered or indented
  - when alignement is indented, set the text (spaces, tabs, or any other characters) used for indentation, separately for the first line and for the remaining lines of the paragraphs
  - optionally reformat punctuation (spaces after periods, commas, etc.) with configurable lists of characters for various rules:
    - one space after given characters (default ",;:")
	- two spaces after given characters (default ".!?")
	- one space before given characters (default none, can be used in French for ":")
	- upper case the first character after given punctuation characters (default ".!?")
Saved Commands
- redesign the "Save command" dialog box inside "Edit" dialog boxes
  - add a "Suggest" button to get a title from the current dialog box options
  - add a checkbox to add the saved command to the "Saved commands" menu
  - add a selector for "Local hotkey" to launch the command when QCE window is active
- Saved commands menu
  - add "Saved commands" to main menu bar with "Manage saved command" duplicated from Edit menu
  - add submenus to "Saved commands" for each command type having saved commands flagged for the menu
- Manage Saved commands dialog box
  - add the "Execute" button to launch the selected saved command
  - rename the "Load" button to "Edit" (to open the edit command dialog box and eventualy save or execute it)
  - add "Execute" to the list context menu to launch the selected command
  - add columns to the Saved commands list for "In Menu" and "Local hotkey"
  - initialy sort the list by last edit date descending and revert order by clicking the first column header "#"
- Execute saved commands
  - from the "Saved commands" menu
  - from local hotkeys (in case of duplicate hotkeys, the most recently saved or edited prevails)
  - from the context menu "Execute" and from the "Execute" button
- add "Save" button in Edit Commands dialog box to save the command without executing it
- in Edit commands dialog box, rename the "Go" button to "Execute" (for consistency)
- add keyboard shortcut Ctrl+M to open the "Manage Saved commands" dialog box
- add columns to Saved commands database for menu, local hotkey and date-time (UTC time)

Version 1.2.1 (2023-10-18)
- add protection against "XL Clipboard bug" (thanks to ClipJump author)
- make sure QCE closes the Clipboard after processing Clipboard changes
- fix various bugs related to the presence of bitmap image in the Clipboard, including asking unexpectedly to discard changes when going to previous history item
- fix bug in the first section of the status bar when the Clipboard contains multiple formats (bitmap, text, etc.)
Version 1.2 (2023-09-23)
Let's be transparent: QCE v1.1.1 was not very solid. I took the summer to improve it. This release v1.2 fixes many issues and bugs. QCE is now getting some maturity. However, because the QCE user base is still quite small, you may find other bugs. Please help me identify them by reporting them on this forum QCE Support section. Suggestions are also welcomed.
Menu bar
- rename the first menu "Clipboard" (it was named "File" in previous releases to comply with general Microsoft guidelines but, in the case of this application, it makes more sense to name it "Clipboard" since most its features relate to the Clipboard)
- change order and review labels under the "Clipboard" menu
- restructure the "Convert" menu grouping commands by category in submenus
File operations
- add "Clipboard, File" submenu with commands to save or open text files and Clipboard binary backup:
  - add the menu item "Open text file" to load a text file to the editor, to the Clipboard or to both
    - text can be loaded with various file encodings: ANSI, UTF-8, UTF-8 No BOM, UTF-16, UTF-16 No BOM and custom codepage
    - a new option under "Options, Various" allows to set the codepage used for "Custom encoding" (default 850)
	- option to replace the whole editor content or insert the file at cursor position (or replace selection)
  - add "Save text file" to save to disk the text in the editor
    - text can be saved with various end-of-line encodings: Windows (CR/LF), Unix (LF) or Max (CR)
    - text can be saved with various file encodings (same as above)
	- option to save the whole editor or only the selected text
  - add the menu "Backup Clipboard" to save the binary content of the Clipboard (including all formats) to a binary file
  - add the menu "Restore Clipboard" to load a binary backup file to the Clipboard (including all formats)
- new hotkeys Ctrl+O to open a text file and Ctrl+E to save a file
- the "File Open", "File Save", "Backup Clipboard" and "Restore Clipboard" can be added to "Saved commands" for quick retrieval
Binary conversion (Base64)
- add "Binary" submenu under "Convert" menu with options to encode/decode Clipboard binary content to Base64 text:
  - encode the full Clipboard content (including all formats) to Base64 string (allowing to store or transfer it as text)
  - decode a Base64 text string containing the full Clipboard (all formats) and load it to the Clipboard
  - encode the image in the Clipboard to Base64 text (currently in PNG format)
  - decode a Base64 text string containing a PNG image and load it to the Clipboard
- currently Base64 strings are encoded in lines of 64 characters
Various improvements
- enable Alt+first letter for buttons in various dialog boxes
- when the Clipboard contains a bitmap image, add a clickable link in status bar to "See image" (in a temporary PNG file)
Bug fixes
- fix bug breaking the "Copy to Append to the editor" option
- in the status bar, at QCE startup, initialize more reliably the Clipboard format to "Text" or "Binary" (taking into account synthesized formats for bitmap ant text)
- show the "Inspect Clipboard" dialog box always on top if editor is always on top
- fix bug when disabling the "Invisible characters" checkbox, fix other minor bugs when "Invisible characters" option is enabled
- fix bug to always show the editor at its previous position
- fix bug to make the Enter key work in menu bar
Known issue
- bold font sometimes wrongly set in Editor window (under investigation - puzzlingly intermittent...)

Version: 1.1.1 (2023-05-31)
- fix bug asking unexpectedly to confirm to discard changes when saving options
- fix bug avoiding "Copy to append" to append text when the editor's "Copy" button or menu is clicked
- add a third section to the editor's status bar to show the ASCII code of the character at the right of the caret or of the first selected char
- add a new option under "Editor Window" to select if the ASCII code is shown in decimal (default) or hexadecimal format
Version: 1.1 (2023-05-28)
History menu global hotkey
- add the configurable hotkey Ctrl+Win+H to open History menu (including the "Search Clipboard History" command)
- the hotkey can be change in "Options, Hotkeys"
- if the Editor is the active window, the selected history clip is loaded to the Editor
- when another window is active window, the selected history clip is pasted to the active window
- when using the "Search Clipboard History" command, the selected clip can be loaded or pasted using context menu or the "Edit" and "Paste" buttons
Copy to Append
- under "Options" menu, add a toggle menu option "Copy to Append to the editor" with default value configurable in "Options, Editor"
- in "Options, Various", configure the text inserted before text appended with command "Copy to Append to the editor", with default separator "`n--`n"
Copy to Clipboard with HTML, RTF and Files formats support
- under the "File" menu, add the submenu "Copy Editor to Clipboard As..." to copy the text or source code in the Editor to the Clipboard in various formats:
  - "Copy to Clipboard As HTML" to load the HTML source in the Editor to the Clipboard as HTML (allowing to paste it in an editor supporting HTML like MS Word)
  - "Copy to Clipboard As RTF" to load the RTF source in the Editor to the Clipboard as Rich Text Format (allowing to paste it in an editor supporting RTF like MS Word)
  - "Copy to Clipboard As Files" to load a list of files in the Editor to the Clipboard as Files (as when using the "Copy" command in Explorer) allowing to "Paste" them in Explorer or other file managers
  - "Cut to Clipboard As Files" to load a list of files in the Editor to the Clipboard (as when using the "Cut" command in Explorer) allowing to move them in Explorer or other file managers using the "Paste" command
  - for the two "As Files" commands, files must exist in order to be copied or cut
Retrieve Clipboard HTML, RTF and Files formats
- under the "File" menu, add the submenu "Get Clipboard Format..." with commands to load in the Editor the Clipboard content in various formats with commands:
  - "Get Clipboard HTML" to load in the Editor the HTML source code from the Clipboard
  - "Get Clipboard RTF" to load in the Editor the Rich Text Format source code from the Clipboard (and good luck editing it ;-) )
  - "Get Clipboard Files" to load in the Editor the list of files copied to the Clipboard (this is automatically done when copying files)
  - "Get Clipboard Text" to load in the Editor the text copied to the Clipboard (this is automatically done when copying text)
Inspect Clipboard
- under the "File" menu, add the "Inspect Clipboard" command opening a dialog box listing all formats availaible in the Clipboard
- for each format, indicate the format number (in decimal and hexadecimal), the format name (for example "CF_UNICODETEXT"), the size of the content and, when possible, the first characters of the content
- for formats allowing it, double-clicking on a line, right-clicking on a line or hitting the "Load" button loads the selected format content to the Editor
- add button to "Refresh" the Clipboard contents
- add links to get "Clipboard formats help" and "CF LOCALE Help" from Microsoft website
Various improvements
- under the "Change case" menu, add "SaRcAsM case (alterning caps)" with hotkey Ctrl+Alt+A; add this new hotkey to "Hotkeys help" (F1)
- in "Filter Lines", increase the size of the RegEx text box
- display a confirmation prompt if the "Options" dialog box is cancelled with unsaved changes
- fix SQLite database error when retrieving Saved commands for command under "Edit" or "Find/Replace" menu
- stop updating the editor when activating the QCE window if it is already visible
- fix links of the buttons in "Check for update" dialog box
- allow to minimize Editor window to task bar
- fix application icon transparency
- use JLicons.dll v1.6.6
Users of the portable installation (ZIP file): make sure you replace your JLIcons.dll file with the newer file in the ZIP file (v1.6.6).

Version: 1.0.2 (2023-05-16)
- fix bug saving "Hotkeys", "History" and "Saved commands" options
- in "Options", rename the section "Saved commands" to "Various"
- fix bug, now allowing to select mouse hotkeys for commands "Paste from Quick Clipboard Editor" and "Copy text and open Quick Clipboard Editor"

Version: 1.0.1 (2023-05-12)
- fix bug preventing Copy after using "Convert, Encode HTML entities and line breaks"
- in "Manage Saved commands", enable the "Load" button when at least only one row is checked (and when item is selected)
- add missing lable in header of "Options, History"
- add ms (milliseconds) to the label of the "Clipboard sync delay (ms)" option

Version: 1.0 (2023-05-01)
- v1.0 initial release
- see BETA releases change log at