Change log – Beta version

Beta versions release notes are presented in reverse chronological order. Production (master) versions release notes are in the regular change log.

Version BETA: (2023-05-18)
- fix SQLite database error when retrieving Saved commands for command under "Edit" or "Find/Replace" menu
- stop updating the editor with the Clipboard content when activating the editor window if it is already visible
- fix links associated to buttons in "Check for update" dialog box

Version BETA: (2023-05-16)
- under "Options" menu, add a toggle menu option "Copy to Append to the editor" with default value configurable in "Options, Editor"
- add in "Options, Various" configurable text inserted before text appended with command "Copy to Append to the editor", with default separator "`n--`n"
- under the "Change case" menu, add "SaRcAsM case (alterning caps)" with hotkey Ctrl+Alt+A; add this new hotkey to "Hotkeys help" (F1)
- allow to minimize Editor window to task bar
- in "Filter Lines", increase the size of the RegEx text box
- display a confirmation prompt if the "Options" dialog box is cancelled with unsaved changes

Version BETA: (2023-05-12)
- add the configurable hotkey Ctrl+Win+H to open History menu (including the "Search Clipboard History" command)
  - the hotkey can be change in "Options, Hotkeys"
  - if the Editor is the active window, the selected history clip is loaded to the Editor
  - when another window is active window, the selected history clip is pasted to the active window
  - when using the "Search Clipboard History" command, the selected clip can be loaded or pasted using context menu or the "Edit" and "Paste" buttons
- under the "File" menu, add the submenu "Copy Editor to Clipboard As..." to copy the text or source code in the Editor to the Clipboard in various formats:
  - "Copy to Clipboard As HTML" to load the HTML source in the Editor to the Clipboard as HTML (allowing to paste it in an editor supporting HTML like MS Word)
  - "Copy to Clipboard As RTF" to load the RTF source in the Editor to the Clipboard as Rich Text Format (allowing to paste it in an editor supporting RTF like MS Word)
  - "Copy to Clipboard As Files" to load a list of files in the Editor to the Clipboard as Files (as when using the "Copy" command in Explorer) allowing to "Paste" them in Explorer or other file managers
  - "Cut to Clipboard As Files" to load a list of files in the Editor to the Clipboard  (as when using the "Cut" command in Explorer) allowing to move them in Explorer or other file managers using the "Paste" command
  - for the two "As Files" commands, files must exist in order to be copied or cut
- under the "File" menu, add the submenu "Get Clipboard Format..." with commands to load in the Editor the Clipboard content in various formats with commands:
  - "Get Clipboard Text" to load in the Editor the text copied to the Clipboard (this is automatically done when copying text)
  - "Get Clipboard HTML" to load in the Editor the HTML source code from the Clipboard
  - "Get Clipboard RTF" to load in the Editor the Rich Text Format source code from the Clipboard
  - "Get Clipboard Files" to load in the Editor the list of files copied to the Clipboard (this is automatically done when copying files)
- under the "File" menu, add the "Inspect Clipboard" command opening a dialog box listing all formats available in the Clipboard
  - for each format, indicate the format number (in decimal and hexadecimal), the format name (for example "CF_UNICODETEXT"), the size of the content and, when possible, the first characters of the content
  - for formats allowing it, double-clicking on a line, right-clicking on a line or hitting the "Load" button loads the selected format content to the Editor
  - add button to "Refresh" the Clipboard contents
  - add links to get "Clipboard formats help" and "CF LOCALE Help" from Microsoft website

Version BETA: (2023-04-12)
- fix bugs in "Edit, Filter Characters" when loading saved commands and inserting characters from the links
- fix bug in "Edit, Filter Lines" when loading saved commands

Version BETA: (2023-04-11)
- rename command "Delete Characters" to "Filter Characters" and allow to delete or keep selected characters
- merge commands "Keep Lines" and "Delete Lines" into a new command "Filter Lines" allowing to keep or delete selected lines
- add "Case sensitive" option to command "Filter Lines"
- adapt "Manage Saved Commands" dialog box to new command types
- on double-click in "Manage Save Commands" load selected saved command
- in "Manage Save Commands", enable the "Load" button when one item is selected (hilited) and enable the "Delete" button when at least one item is checked
- fix bug in History menu when clips are identical with different upper/lower cases

Version BETA: (2023-04-08)
- fix bug saving various commands when parameters include the pipe (|) character
- fix bug retrieving parameter of "Insert string" saved command including pipe (|) character
- improve save command title dialog box language
- fix minimum editor height when "Word wrap" is disabled

Version BETA: 0.3.7 (2023-04-03)
Options dialog box
- add an "Options" dialog box availalbe from the "Options" menu with the sections: "Launch", "Editor Window", "Hotkeys", "Clipboard History" and "Saved Commands"
- the following options now have a startup default values and can be changed for the current session only:
  - the Editor's toolbar options ("Fixed font", "Font size", "Always on top" and "Word wrap") and the toggle menu "Options, Keep the editor open after Paste"
  - changes to these options are now effective only for the current session
  - the startup (default) values for these options can now be changed in "Options, Editor Window"
- remove from the "Options" and Tray menus items to select hotkeys and startup options (these options can now be changed in the "Options" dialog box)
- Some options in the settings (ini) file are renamed. Values with old names are not deleted.
- If you wish to reset all the options the their default value, simply delete the file quickclipboardeditor.ini in the Settings folder.
- insert keyboard shortcuts in Editor's buttons (Paste, Copy, Cancel and Close) and "Find/Replace" dialog box buttons

Version BETA: 0.3.6 (2023-03-27)
New Edit commands
- "Keep lines":
  - filter lines "Containing" one or multiple criterias (with, for multiple criterias, sub-options "All", "Any", "Not all" or "Not any")
  - filter lines to keep using a "Regular expression"
  - keep lines containing "Only numbers" or "Only letters"
  - use Ctrl+K to open the "Keep lines" dialog box
- "Delete lines":
  - delete lines "Containing" one or multiple criterias (with, for multiple criterias, sub-options "All", "Any", "Not all" or "Not any")
  - delete lines using a "Regular expression"
  - delete "Empty lines" or "Blank lines" (lines with no visible character)
  - use Ctrl+D to open the "Delete lines" dialog box
- "Delete characters":
  - delete characters included in the "List of characters to delete" with or without the "Case sensitive" options
  - use links to insert invisible characters (tab, new line), all numbers (0-9) or special characters based on their ASCII or Unicode number
  - delete characters in "All or selected text", only "Trim..." the beginning of lines, the end of lines or both
  - use Ctrl+L to open the "Delete characters" dialog box
- these three new "Edit" commands:
  - are executed on the whole Editor content or only on the selected text
  - can be saved using the "Save command" checkbox
  - can be retrieved from the "Saved commands" list
  - saved commands can be loaded or deleted in the "Manage Saved command" dialog box
- add links to insert tabs, space and new lines in text fields of various "Edit" and "Find/Replace" commands
- update the Undo pile before executing Edit commands
- rename the settings file (ini) section "LastCommands" to "LastCommand" (the "LastCommands" section is not deleted but will be ignored)
Bug fixes
- when in Read-only mode (when "Inivisble characters" are shown)
  - prevent the execution of "Edit" commands and "Replace" (except Find) 
  - do not sync the Editor when the Clipboard contains binary data (image, etc.) but continue to sync if the Clipboard contains text
- avoid syncing the Editor with the Clipboard when an "Edit" command is in progress
- fix bug sometimes blocking the application when adding to Undo pile
- fix bug selecting the text moved with "Move line up" and "Move line down" when a block of text is moved

Version BETA: (2023-03-22)
New features
- under the "Edit" menu, add items "Move line up" and "Move line down" with shortcuts Shift+Ctrl+Up and Shift+Ctrl+Down
- add an "Editor Shortcuts Help" dialog box open with F1 or the new menu item "Help, Editor Shortcuts Help"
Bug fixes
- fix bug breaking Edit commands ("Insert String", "Substring", etc.) when trying to save a command
- fix bug using the "Remove" button in the "Substring" dialog box (it was acting like the "Keep" button)
- if in read-only mode (when "Invisible characters" is checked), disabe the "Undo" and "Redo" commands
- encode new line (`n) and tab (`t) characters when showing these invisible characters in text fields of the "Substring" and "Insert String" dialog boxes
- always open the Editor at its last position and remove the unnecessary option "OpenEditorOnActiveMonitor" in the settings file (the value in exiting ini file is not delete but will be ignored)
- add Ctrl+P hotkey reminder to "File, History Search" menu

Version BETA: (2023-03-19)
(a small error in v0.3.5.1 was fixed in this release)
Saved commands
- implement "Save command" for "Sort", "Find" and "Find and Replace"
- add these command types to the "Manage Saved commands" dialog box
- allow to cancel the save action and return to the previous window for all command types
- when saving a "Find and Replace" command, add a checkbox to require "Replace All" when the saved command will be called from an external program (to be implemented in a future release)
- in various commands dialog boxes, use the values from the last session as default values
- update the status bar after using the "Paste to the last active application" command
- move the cursor at the end of the selection after Replace all
- fix bug in "Find and replace" when selecting the "All" button to stop at the end of the selection
- fix bug not restoring the Editor position after it is closed
- fix bug positioning the "Next" dialog box in find and find/replace actions
- fix bug to support clicking the Close button and hitting Esc in the "Next" dialog box

Version BETA: 0.3.5 (2023-03-13)
Saved commands
- in the "Edit, SubString" dialog box, add:
  - a dropdown list allowing to retrieve past commands (including by default the 10 last SubString commands)
  - a "Save this command" checkbox to save a command with a title
- saved commands must have unique titles and re-using the same title allow to replace an existing command
- when saving a command, a default title is suggested based on the "SubString" dialog box parameters
- Saved commands are saved in a new table of the QCD-DB2.db database
- new menu item "Edit, Manage Saved commands" and add the "Manage Saved commands" dialog box with:
  - a list of past commands sorted from the most recent
  - each line of the list contains a checkbox allowing to selected a command to "Load", or delete one or more selected commands
  - a dropdown list allowing to select the type of commands in the list (only "SubString" have saved commands it this release)
  - a "Filter" text box allowing to search commands by filtering their titles
Clipboard History
- change the default maximum size of the "History" database to 5 megs
  NOTE: Existing users should change the value "HistoryDbMaximumSize" under "[History]" to 5 (or more)
- add "History search" menu to the "History" menu open from History buttons
- add "Close" button to "History search" box
- fix bug setting width of "History search" box
- check if Clipboard is locked by another applivation before reading it, avoiding the "Error: Can't open clipboard for reading"
- when "Invisible characters" is enabled, change the replacement characters for space to a smaller dot
- new database structure under the new name QCE-DB2.db (the old databases QCE.db and QCE-DB.db are not deleted)
- reduce the frequency of the timer updating the status bar to 500 ms instead of 100 ms

Version BETA: 0.3.4 (2023-03-02)
History Menu
- add "History" menu under "File" menu with the most recent clips saved to the Clipboard
- show the "History" menu when right clicking on one of the History buttons (< >)
- clips selected in the "History" menu are loaded in the editor
- options for custom width, number of rows and icon size of the "History" menu in the QCE ini file under the section "[History]":
  - HistoryMenuCharsWidth (default 100)
  - HistoryMenuRows (default 25)
  - HistoryMenuIconSize (default 16)
History Search
- add "History search" menu under "File" menu, showing the "History Search" box
- show the "History Search" box with the hotkey Ctrl + P
- support Down and Up arrows to select items in the History search result
- click "Edit" or "Paste" buttons in the "History Search" box to load the selected clip in the editor or paste it to the last active window
- press Enter or Double-click on an item in the History search result to load the selected clip in editor
- right-click an History search result item to open the context menu with options to "Edit" or "Paste" the selected clip
- support dark mode in "History Search" box
- options for custom width, number of rows and icon size of the "History Search" box in the QCE ini file under the section "[History]":
    - HistorySearchCharsWidth (default 50)
    - HistorySearchRows (default 12)
    - HistorySearchQueryRows (default 200)
History other features
- after loading an history clip from the menu or the search result, use History buttons (< >) to navigate to clips saved just before or after the selected clip
- when in the editor in "Editing" mode and a new clip is added to the History database, enable the Mext button ( > )
- invisible characters Tab and Enter are converted to visible arrows in "History" menu items
- new more efficient database structure under new name QCE-DB.db (the old database QCE.db is not deleted)
- add "Regular expression" option in "Find" and "Find and replace" dialog boxes
- disable the "Match case" checkbox when regex checkbox is enabled (let user set match case in RegEx options)
- with the "Regular expression" in "Find and replace", enter the regex needle in "Find what" to replace with "Replace with" in the entire or selected text without the need to confirm each replacement
- if text selected when using "Find and replace", execute the replacements only within the selection
- after "Find next" and "Find previous", automatically scroll the editor to make the selection visible
- add Undo restore points
  - when hitting Space, Enter, Tab, Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V and Del
  - every one second (if content changed) instead of 2 seconds
  - and after navigating in Clipboard history
- add a toggle menu item "Keep the editor open after Paste" (default false) under "Options" to keep the editor open after:
  - hitting the "Paste" button in the editor
  - hitting the Paste hotkey (Ctrl+Win+V)
  - selecting "File, Paste to..." menu
  - hitting the "Paste" button or selecting "Paste" in the context menu of the History search result
- add the option "KeepOpenAfterPaste" under "[EditorWindow]" in QCE ini file
- fix bug in "Paste" when QCE was not active

Version BETA: 0.3.3 (2023-02-23)
Clipboard history
- QCE now collects Clipboard changes allowing to restore previous Clipboard contents in the editor (data is saved in a SQLite database file in the QCE working directory)
- two buttons at the bottom left and right of the editor allow to navigate to previous history items (left button) or return to next items (right button)
- loading an history item in the editor using these buttons does not change the Clipboard content until you hit the "Copy" button to save the content of the editor to the Clipboard
- in the status bar, a new status "History" indicates when the editor contains contains an unchanged history item (when an history item is changed, the status turns to "Editing")
- help tooltips for history buttons and a distinct tooltip to show briefly the position of last retreived idem in the history
- new option in quickclipboardeditor.ini under [History] section
  - "ClipboardHistory=1" to enable or disable the history (default "=1" enabled)
  - "HistoryDbMaximumSize=1" to set the maximum size of history database (default "=1" meg)
  - "HistorySyncDelay=300" to set the default minimum delay between Clipboard syncs to avoid undesired interactions with other applications changing the Clipboard content
- new menu item "File, Delete history database" to flush the history database
- new hotkey to copy the selected text in any application and open the editor (default hotkey Ctrl+Win+C)
- change default hotkeys for a more consitent usage of modifiers:
  - Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button -> Open the Editor
  - Shift + Win + V -> Open the Editor
  - Ctrl + Win + C -> Copy the selected text and open the Editor
  - Ctrl + Win + V -> Paste from QCE to the last active application
  - Note: Users upgrading to this release can click "Reset default hotkey" in the "Change shortcut" dialog box ("Option, Change..." menu)
- display current hotkey in menu entry "File, Paste to last active application"
- under the "Change case" menu, replace the Alt shortcuts with Ctrl+Atl shortcuts to avoid potential conflicts with standard Windows menu shortcuts
- update language for change hotkey commands under the "Options" menu and dialog box
- add Alt+F4 hotkey for "File, Exit" menu
- fix various bugs in Find and replace, including when the selected text include invisible characters
- temporarily disable editor "Always on top" property during Find and Replace actions to make sure the "Continue" or "Replace" dialog box remain visible
- in the "Edit, SubString" dialog box, replace the "Go" button with the two "Keep" and "Remove" allowing to retain or delete the selected content on each line of the editor
- in the "Sort with options" dialog box, add the checkbox "Line length" allowing th sort the editor lines by their ascending or descending lenght
- reduce minimal heigth of the editor window down to one visible line
- always paste content to the Clipboard with DOS line breaks characters (CR+LF)
- fix bug stealing the focus to active app in certain conditions when Clipboard is changed outside of QCE
- change default value for "UseTab=1" option to "=1" (enabled) under "[EditorWindow]" in the quickclipboardeditor.ini file (users upgrading to this release can change it manualy)

Version BETA: (2023-02-09)
- fix bug in "Options, Display QCE at startup" menu
- fix bug in "Find and Replace" not replacing the currently selected item when clicking "All"
- fix bug breaking Edit menu commands
- avoid updating the editor with Clipboard after copy or cut commands executed within the editor

Version BETA: (2023-02-02)
- change editor's buttons labels to Paste, Copy, Cancel and Close
- add tooltips to editor's buttons
- add tooltip to status bar
- show dialog box when clicking on the status bar with help on the status and other status bar infos

Version BETA: (2023-02-01)
- adjustments in handling of editor update on Clipboard changes
- change "Options" menu items for kotkeys to include current hotkey in menu labels

Version BETA: (2023-01-31)
- fix bug when resizing editor window

Version BETA: 0.3.2 (2023-01-30)
- add a hotkey (default Shift+Ctrl+V) allowing to paste the content of the editor in the active window (or the window behind QCE if QCE is the active window)
- add menu item "Options, Select Paste from QCE hotkey"
- change labels and reorder editor's main buttons:
  - "Paste QCE" to paste the content of the editor to the window behind QCE
  - "Save" to save the content of the editor to the Clipboard
  - "Cancel" to restore the editor with the content of the Clipboard
  - "Close" to close the editor window, allowing to save or not the content of the editor to the Clipboard
- change and reorder labels of "File" menu items
- use JLicons.dll v1.6.5
Bug fixes
- stop giving focus to editor when clipboard changed, stealing focus from other application
- retrieving unsaved editor status
- settings default hotkey in "Select shortcut" dialog box
- return original string if "Convert, Decode from URL" and "Convert, Decode from HTML" commands return an empty string because of an internal error
- enabling "Save" and "Cancel" buttons when QCE has focus and Clipboard content was changed (within QCE or outside QCE)
- converting only selected text in "Convert" menu commands
- converting AHK var-expressions

Version BETA: 0.3.1 (2023-01-24)
Search and Replace
- merge "Find and Replace" and "Replace All" commands allowing to replace all remaining occurences on demand
- remove the old "Edit, Replace All" command
- position "Find Next" and "Replace?" prompt dialog box relative to the text found in the Editor window
- add & shortcuts to "Find/Replace Next" dialog box button labels
- during "Find" operation, when "Find Next" dialog box is displayed, allow user to select a new search start point in the editor
- add "Close and Paste" to Editor buttons and "File" menu menu bar
- add & shortcuts to menu bar shortcuts
- under "Convert" menu bar, add command to convert "AutoHotkey Expression to %var%" and vice-versa
- fix bug to give focus back to Editor after history update (with Ditto history)
- change label for "File, Restart" to "File, Cancel and Restart"

Version BETA: 0.3 (2023-01-03)
Direct Clipboard Editing
- make the Clipboard immediately editable without having to click the "Edit" button
- detect automatically when the editor content is different than the Clipboard to enable the "Save to Clipboard" button
- remove the now unnecessary "Edit" button, "File, Edit" and "File, Save and continue" menus and their associated hotkeys
- change the status bar messages to "Editing" and "Synced" (instead of "Read-only")
Various changes and bug fixes
- set status bar to "Read-only" only when the "Invisible characters" checkbox is checked
- update the editor with Clipboard changes when "Invisible characters" checkbox is checked
- in "Replace all", make sure the special characters \.*?+[{|()^$ are well processed in search string
- encode `t (tab) and `n (new line) codes when retrieving last "Find and replace" values
- fix bug decoding form URL (URI encoding) and support UTF-8 characters URI encoding/decoding

Version BETA: 0.2.1 (2022-11-14)
- replace the "Edit, Prefix/Suffix" command with "Edit, Insert string" allowing to insert a string on each line at a fix position, relative to existing characters, at the beginning or at the end of each line
- add menu item "File, Save to Clipboard and continue" saving the content to the Clipboard but staying in the editing mode
- add "Help, Features / Help" menu item linking to help page on QCE website
- in "Convert, Encode HTML entities and line breaks", insert "
" instead of "
" for line breaks - after the execution of "Convert", "Undo" or "Redo", reset the caret position and scroll the editor to make sure the caret stays visible - fix a bug in the status bar when the Clipboard has Binary content - fix bugs in "Convert, Decode Hexadecimal" and "Edit, Substring" commands Version BETA: 0.2 (2022-10-23) Convert text: new "Convert" main menu with new features to... - encode and decode strings for compatibility with URLs (URI), XML file and AutoHotkey code - convert text to Hexadecimal format and restore text from Hexadecimal codes - for HTML content, replace special characters with their HTML entities (like é for "" or & for "&"), replace line breaks with "
" and, on the other way, restore normal characters from HTML codes - for PHP code, replace characters needing to be escaped for single quoted and double quoted strings and, on the other way, restore normal characters from PHP code - list ASCII codes of editor's content (or the selected text) and restore original text without ASCII codes New Main menu items - new "Find/Replace" main menu grouping Find and Replace commands - new "Change case" main menu grouping Change case commands Various - support "Ctrl + Mouse Wheel" hotkey up or down to increase or decrease editor's font size - fix bugs: setting editor's font, updating status bar after redo Version BETA: 0.1.7 (2022-10-19) - fix Ctrl+S hotkey missing for Save menu - removed confirmation prompt before executing change case command (now that undo is available) - add hotkeys for all items in "Edit" menu: Ctrl+P Prefix/Suffix, Ctrl+B Substring, Ctrl+Q Quick sort, Ctrl+T Sort with options, ShiftCtrl+T Sort again, Alt+L Lower case, Alt+U Upper case, Alt+T Title case, Alt+S Sentence case, Alt+G Toggle case; add reminders to menu - support accentuated characters in Toogle case (based on codepage 850 covering these languages: German, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Afrikaans, Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, Latin (among other European languages) - known issue: try to fix the Editor font changes issue - known issue: implement temporary fix to issue "when the edit control text is deleted with Ctrl+A Delete, the background becomes white until the window is refreshed" - support dark mode for application title bar and edit control scroll bar Version BETA: 0.1.6 (2022-10-16) - use Windows dark mode colors for buttons when in dark mode - store dark mode colors in the settings ini file (default are written to then ini file at first execution of this release and can then be changed) - implement Undo/Redo commands in Edit menu and hotkeys Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y - enable/disable edit menu undo and redo commands based on undo pile state - update the undo pile every 2 seconds when in edit mode and after each edit command; when in read-only mode, add changes to Clipboard to undo pile Version BETA: 0.1.5 (2022-09-14) - implement darkmode for editor window - add option for dark mode (DarkMode=1 under [EditorWindow] in ini file), default 1 (enabled), effective only if Windows is in dark mode (restart QCE after changing Windows dark mode) - set dark mode support for menubar's drop down menus only (not possible for menu bar itself) - in status bar, remove "synchronized" status bas section and reword the first section with "Editing" and "Read-only" plus editor content's length - fix bug retrieving values from the previous edit command of a given edit command type Version BETA: 0.1.4 (2022-09-12) - support tab and eol in prefix/suffix commands - default wordwrap option to true - in Ditto fix bug in order to retrieve clips longer than 500 characters - fix bug to make Find commands start from the current cursor position - fix bug not closing dialog boxes after some edit commands - fix bug not enabling the Save Clipboard button after some commands Version BETA: 0.1.3 (2022-09-11) - implement interactive find and replace with eols and tabs visibles when in selection to be replaced Version BETA: 0.1.2 (2022-09-06) - refactpr execute edit commands - refactor Prefix and Suffix in PreSuffix unique dialog box - refactor Replace All, Change case and Sort commands as Edit command class methods - when confirming change case on all text, add "OK got it" button to avoid showing again the confirmation dialog box - in Replace All, remove "In selection" option and always replace in selection if there is a selection - in SubString command, when from/to text is not found on a line, keep the entire line - keep track of last command of each edit command type and use last command values as default in edit command dialog box - enable save button only if edit commands change the content of the editor - set cursor position or selection after edit commands - in Replace All, support eol and tal in search or replace values - implement repeated find with continue yes/no, find next and find previous Version BETA: 0.1.1 (2022-08-28) - initial release with code moved (and adapted) from Quick Access Clipboard covering the Editor window (excluding rules management) - move Change case commands to a Edit submenu - support Clipboard history integration Ditto Version BETA: 0.1 (2022-07-18) - repository creation ========================================================================================= QUICK ACCESS CLIPBOARD CHANGE LOG (PROJECT SUSPENDED) Version BETA: (2022-04-25) Rules Manager - in "Available rules" list, add a column "Last modified" to display the last modified date-time of rules (sortable) - new ini option LastModifiedDateFormat to set the last modified column date format, default "ShortDate" (see for other formats) - if last used used version is before v0.1.0.4, update rules values in ini file to add last modified date - new ini option AvailableRulesSortOrder to remember the last sort column of "Available rules" list - improved clarity text of substring dialog box Editor - fix bug not updating the status bar with cursor position and selection length - when showing invisible characters, new ini option ShowHiddenEolAsLfOnly to show end-of-line as CR+LF (two characters) or only LF (default) General - new in option to launch QAC at Windows startup independently of options to display Editor or Rules windows at QAC startup Version BETA: (2022-03-27) Rules Manager - add new rule type "Sort", by default, sorting the Clipboard lines alphabetically - add "Sort" rules options: Reverse order, Numeric values, Case sensitive, Case sensitive considering regional settings, From a given position, From last backslash, Unique (remove duplicate lines) and Randomly - add "Sentence case" option in for "Change case" rules - never timeout rules when value RulesTimeoutSecs=0 under [RulesWindow] - change order and internal code for "Change case" options 4 (now "Sentence case") and 5 (now "Toggle case") - BREAKING CHANGE: current rules for "Sentence case" and "Toggle case" must be updated - fix bug in rule suffix that was inserting the suffix between the CR and LF, now insert before CR - in Rules manager, update list of rules in status bar when changing order in Active listview using drag-and-drop Editor - add "Sentence case" option "Edit, Change case" menu - add "Edit, Quick Sort (alphabetically)" menu, sorting the Editor's lines alphabetically - add "Edit, Sort with options" menu, with the same options described above for Sort rules (Reverse order, Numeric values, etc.) - add "Edit, Sort again" menu, sorting the Editor's lines with the options defined the last time the "Sort with options" command was used General - prompt to reload QAC after changing a hotkey - in Editor, fix bug to check for unsaved changes before Exiting the app - in Rules, fix bug with prefix or suffix including double-quotes Version BETA: (2022-03-22) Rules Manager - in QAC Rules, each time the rule(s) are executed, take backup of the Clipboard - new mouse and keyboard hotkeys to Restore the content of the Clipboard to its content before the last execution of rule(s) - add menu items on Tray menu and Rules manager window to Restore Clipboard - in Rules debug mode, add the number of seconds to execute the last rule(s) - to enable rules debug mode, in ini file, under [RulesWindow], change RulesTimeoutDebug=0 to RulesTimeoutDebug=1 Various improvements - enable the "Cancel" button as soon as the "Edit Clipboard" button is clicked, allowing to revert the editor to the current Clipboard content - fix a bug preventing saving of "Display at startup" options to ini file Version BETA: (2022-03-07) Editor - add line number, character number, index from start and selection length to status bar - merge "Edit Clipboard" and "Save Clipboard" buttons in one button with different labels at the window bottom - add menu item "Display Editor window at startup" under "Options" menu and Tray menu - fix bug turning editor read-only off when changing word wrap - after word wrap change, set focus to edit control only if not read-only Rules Manager - add timeout debug option with default false (RulesTimeoutDebug=0) displaying a tooltip with remaining seconds before timeout at the top of active window (change value to ="1" if desired) - add menu item "Display Rules Manager window at startup" under "Options" menu and Tray menu - fix bug when getting current position of window General - application now available in portable ZIP file - in Portable mode, set default values to "no" for startup options for Editor (DisplayEditorAtStartup=0) and Rules manager (DisplayRulesAtStartup=0) windows, remember window position (RememberEditorPosition=0 and RememberRulesPosition=0) and open on active monitor (OpenEditorOnActiveMonitor=0 and OpenRulesOnActiveMonitor=0); change these values to "=1" in QuickAccessClipboard.ini file if desired - in Setup mode, fix bug setting startup registry key at first launch Version BETA: 0.1 (2022-02-10) - see description of features - change Save Clipboard button label; fix typo in a rule demo example - see Alpha releases change log below Version ALPHA: (2022-02-09) - improve help text form editor's command Change case, Substring, Prefix and Suffix Version ALPHA: (2022-02-07) - fix bug displaying Replace dialog box after having used the find dialog box - fix bug with the Find and Replace dialog boxes when word wrap is on - fix timeout bug preventing disabling rules - minor cosmetic adjustments and fix button drawing issues when resizing the Rules window and in Rules Version ALPHA: (2022-02-05) - implement Find (Ctrl+F), Find next (F3), Find previous (Shift+F3) and Find and replace (Ctrl+H) using Edit library from jballli - fix bug setting initial wordwrap property of editor control - fix bug keeping the correct readonly setting when switching wordwrap - fix bug suspending hotkeys from the tray menu Version ALPHA: 0.0.9 (2022-02-03) Editor - add "Word wrap" checkbox and an the "WordWrap" ini option (under "EditorWindow" section) updated as checkbox is changed - add Toggle case option to Change case command - make `t (for tab) and `n (for new line) work in editor Substring text search - remove "Use tab" checkbox until an AutoHotkey runtime bug is fixed (; the "UseTab" option (under "EditorWindow" section) can still be changed in ini file - when showing invisible characters, make space characters visible - fix bug when changing Editor window's shortcuts with Editor window is always on top Rules manager - add Toogle case option to Change case rule type - change vocabulary using "Active rules" instead of "Selected rule" (and "Activate", "Deactivate", etc.) - add list of active rules to Rules manager status bar General - add shortcuts reminders in tray menu - new AutoHotkey runtime v1.1.33.10 Version ALPHA: (2022-01-31) - improve reliability of Find command in editor - improve editor actions involving selection of text (Change case, Substring, etc.) - use Edit library (from jballi) for edit menu command Copy, Cut, Paste and Del - disable Find and replace in edit menu until Replace command is implemented - set timer every 200 ms to enable edit menu items requiring a selection - optimization reflecting Clipboard changes in the editor - move timeout option in ini file from Launch to RulesWindow section - fix bug with end-of-lines when repeating a command on every line of the editor - fix bugs in editor when using SubString command with text search Version ALPHA: (2022-01-26) - add "Window" menu to menu bar with items to switch to the other window or both windows - add hotkeys Ctrl+E to show Editor window, Ctrl+R to show Rules window and Ctrl+B to show both windows - merge context menu and Edit menu an use it as context menu - add to Help menu "Visit QAC website" and "Make donation" - remove option ShowMenuBar and always display menu bar in Window - add items to Tray menu - implement "Find" rule type (for use only in Editor) with hotkey Ctrl+F - fix bug selecting text in editor Version ALPHA: 0.0.8 (2022-01-20) - split user interface in 2 guis: rules manager and editor - add a cancel button to editor that do not close the window - add "Edit Clipboard" button to editor removing the default readonly attibute of the editor - add status when Clipboard is synchronized - add "Edit" menu with all rule types (except types AutoHotkey and ConvertFormat) to editor menu bar and to editor context menu - update getting the selected in editor using Edit library from jballi - add Oops message when the editor is readonly - add Ctrl+E hotkey to enable the editor or, if already enabled, show the "Edit" menu - add Del to hotkeys processed if used in readonly editor - apply rules on editor or selected text in editor, using a temporary rule object, refactoring save rule and adding rule method ExecRule() - disable "Edit" main menu after cancel changes in editor - make Rules manager gui resizable - enable checkmark for "Options, Run at Startup" menu in Rules gui - fix bugs in ExecRule() and GetCode() methods for Substring rules when the searched text (for "From text" or "To text" options) is not found - save hotkeys to ini file section hotkeys Version ALPHA: (2022-01-13) - apply rules each time a rule is selected or deselected - when centering a secondary dialog box on top of the primary window, take into account the border of the reference window Version ALPHA: (2022-01-08) - change tray icon when in the developemnt environment; - keep selected rules after saving new/edited rule or deleting rule; - fix bug in backup of selected rules Version ALPHA: (2022-01-06) - reenable timeout in QACrules (default timeout after 60 seconds without executing a rule); refactor interactions between QAC and QACrules - fix bug with add button tooltip - manage 3 sets of tooltips: 1) buttons, 2) rules updated and 3) rules removed - escape reserved regex characters in rules of type Replace; escape double-quotes in string values of SubString rules - fix bug restoring editor's checkbox options - fix bugs encoding for ini text values in rules of type SubString, doubling rule names in rules index and not showing invisible characters after Clipboard uddate - review help text for AutoHotkey type; update help text about encoding tab and eol for types using text fields Version ALPHA: 0.0.7 (2022-01-05) Options - add "Options" submenu to menu bar with item to "Select mouse hotkey", "Select keyboard hotkeys", "Run at statup" options and "Edit QAC settings file" (with reminder to restart the app after saving changes to the ini file) - add "Select hotkey" dialog box for mouse and keyboard hotkeys - display the editor at startup if the option "DisplayEditorAtStartup" is enabled in ini file - remove editor dark mode option (need improvements) and run as admin (not ready) Rules - add rule type "Convert format" with only one subtype "Text format" for now - add "Whole word only" and "Case sensitive" options for "Replace" rule type - reject semi-colon in rule names (ini file restriction) - in "Add/Edit rule" help for rules of type AutoHotkey, add links to AHK doc pages - add "Undo last rule change" button and menu item - add radio buttons to see "Rules" or "Groups" of rules in "Available" and "Selected" lists (groups not implemented at this time) - add a button to "Add group" (disabled) Settings file - in ini file, save options values in three sections "General", "Launch" and "EditorWindow"; for values not in a group, save to section "Internal" - at launch, add default rules to ini file if "Rules" section does not exist and add default values for options if values does not exist in ini file - add "Rules-index" section to ini file with the value "Rules" listing available rules - for Undo feature, maintain "Rules-backup" section and "Rules-backup" value in "Rules-index" section Various - when showing the Editor, position the window on the active monitor - set default temporary folder to %temp% for setup installation and "\Temp" for portable installation - add missing menu bar menus items to tray menu - make the tray menu item "Editor" the default item and require only one left mouse button click to trigger it - add "Check for update" to "Help" menu Version ALPHA: 0.0.6 (2021-12-29) Editor - add confirmation prompt before deleting a rule - add column Notes to available rules listview - add tooltip messages when hovering buttons - make tab stop shorter in editor and in edit AutoHotkey rule - edit rule when shift + double click a rule in Available rules - do not close Editor when pressing Shift while clicking the Cancel button Menu bar - add "Rule" and "Help" menus to menu bar - add "About QAC" under "Help menu" - new menu item under "File" menu to open QAC ini file and QAC working directory - only in alpha or beta releases, new menu item under "File" menu to open QACrules.ahk Rules - add Substring subtypes FromBeginText, FromEndText, ToBeginText and ToEndText with a +/- offset - option to execute a rule on each line of the Clipboard or editor's content for Substring and Prefix/Suffix rules - replace LF with eol replacement chars when saving AutoHotkey code value to ini file, replace LF when editing AutoHotkey code and when building rule code Various - after saving a rule, reload rules, rebuild rules menu, update Available rules listview and relaunch QACrules - enable check for update Version ALPHA: (2021-12-19) - add rules demo in new ini file - in rules menu, display disabled item "No rule" if no rule - fix bug delete form values when closing the edit rule gui - change URLs for check4update Version ALPHA: 0.0.5 (2021-12-19) Editor - add a submenu to context menu with all rules that can be applied on demand to current Clipboard - if text selected in editor, execute rule on demand only on selected text - restore cursor caret or selected text after rule execution - ad Shift-F10 hotkey to intercept context menu in editor control QACrules - in QACrules.ahk, listen to message from QAC main app to receive command exec with rule ID to execute rules on demand - always launch QACrules even when no rule are applied - include all rules in QACrules.ahk - in QACrules, disable Clipboard change when executing rule on demand and enable it after execution - removed SetTimer in QACrules preventing call to exec rule on demand (cause not found) - when uncomplied, create QACrules.ahk in the working dir Various - reject equal sign = in rule names - fix bug setting editor's font Version ALPHA: 0.0.4 (2021-12-17) - reafactor edit dialog box for substring type using radio buttons - validate required values in edit dialog box - add checkbox to inivisible characters only when Clipboard is unchanged in the editor - disable the editor when the See invisible characters option is enabled - disable the See invisible characters checkbox when content of editor is changed - increase sleep time after rule execution Version ALPHA: (2021-12-14) - fix bug in rules file name Version ALPHA: 0.0.3 (2021-12-14) Status bar - display Clipboard connection status only if disconnected - show if content length is from Clipboard or Editor - show content lenght if text, else show if binary or empty Object model - develop RuleTypes class - develop Rule class with properties name (index key), category, notes, ID (index key) and values; methods GetCode(), CopyRule() Gui - enable rules using 2 listviews instead of checkboxes, with arrows to select/deselect/deselect all rules - align Appy rules button to Selected rules listview - make available rules larger with columns for type and category - when showing gui or applying rules, backup selected rules to restore them if rules changes are not applied - sort available rules by name unless user change sorting using the header - double click to select a rule - buttons to add, edit, copy or remove rules - dialog box to select type of added rule - dialog box to add/edit/copy rule - allow editor font up to size 36 - remove Cancel button and merge it with Close button Settings file - save options to ini file on exit - encode pipes in values saved to ini file - load whole Rules section from ini file and parse lines - save addes/edited/copied rule - remove rule - reload rules after saving edited or added rule - encode values when saving to ini and decode when loading keep ending | separator when saving to ini file to protect values ending with space Rules execution - in QACrules.ahk only include selected rules - get code for rule types prefix and suffix; Version ALPHA: 0.0.2 (2021-11-26) Buttons - redefine main window buttons to - "Save Clipboard": save editor content to Clipboard and reconnect the Clipboard - "Cancel": revert editor to current Clipboard content and reconnect the Clipboard - "Close": close the window if the editor content was not changed, or display "Discard changes?" prompt and act as "Cancel" if answer is Yes, else just close the window - enable and disable "Save Clipboard" and "Cancel" buttons and "File" menu items following changes in editor control - keep "Close" button always enabled Menu bar - change "File" menu items action: - "Save Clipboard" to same action as the "Save Clipboard" button - "Cancel": same action as "Cancel" button - new menu item "Close": same action as "Close" button - move and resize buttons and controls Options checkboxes - add "Always on top" checkbox to editor window with value "AlwaysOnTop" in ini file - add "Use tab" checkbox to allow tabs in editor with value "UseTab" in ini file; Status bar - display on main window status bar: - editor's content length (with temporary debugging info) - Clipboard "connection" status (with temporary debugging info) Editor's context menu - replace editor control context menu to manage Clipboard connection - enable or disable context menu items based on selected text, Clipboard content or editor changed status - intercept Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in editor to disable Clipboard connection when using these keys in the editor Various - take a backup of rules checkboxes when showing the main window; if the window is closed without applying changed rules, restore backup values and alert user with a tooltip - change JLicons required version number to v1.6.3 Version ALPHA: 0.0.1 (2021-11-14) - repository creation - main window with Clipboard editor and rules, with buttons "Save", "Save and Close" and "Close/Cancel" buttons - menu bar with "File, Save Clipboard", "File, Cancel" and "File, Exit Quick Access Editor" menu items - checkboxes for rules LowerCase, UpperCase, FirstUpperCase, TitleCase and Underscore2Space - rules executed in temporary script QACrules.ahk called by QACrules.exe (AutoHotkey runtime) and removed when exiting the application