Quick Clipboard Editor (QCE) is a FREE Windows text Editor directly connected to the Clipboard allowing to:

  • easily gather various pieces of text;
  • do quick touch-ups to Clipboard text;
  • add or remove text on each line of text based of multiple criteria;
  • find and replace its text globally or interactively;
  • sort the content of the Clipboard with multiple options;
  • change text case in a variety of ways;
  • convert string in the Clipboard for various coding needs (HTML, XML, PHP, AHK, etc.);
  • and save them directly to your Clipboard.


Welcome to the Quick Clipboard Editor beta website! See the list of QCE features, some QCE screen captures and a video presentation.

Download latest BETA release of Quick Clipboard Editor and get help on the Quick Clipboard Editor forum.

About my former project Quick Access Clipboard

The Quick Access Clipboard (QAC) project is a now suspended. This project is combining a Clipboard editor and a Clipboard Rule manager (allowing to set actions like Find and replace, Substring, scripting commands, etc. executed automatically when text is copied to the Clipboard). In the summer 2022, I decided to split this project in two parts and to work primarily on the editor part. This is why this forum is now dedicated to Quick Clipboard Editor.